A Legendary Conquest Awaits

Battle . Conquer . Earn

It's time to write your legend

3 Kingdoms Multiverse is a collectible, turn-based 3D strategy RPG that is set in the Three Kingdoms era.

Start your adventure as a monarch as you journey through challenging dungeons and kingdoms. Meet and collect powerful generals, build alliances, and defeat your foes.

FREE to play, play to earn!

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Endless ways to conquer

Main Mission (PvE)

Face powerful enemies in challenging stages while collecting vast stories, generals, and items. Grow your army with dozens of generals with unique skills to choose from.

Endless ways to conquer

Battles (PvP)

Enjoy exhilarating battles between users through the combination of about 370 types of attack, defense, recovery, support, and magic generals. Protect your land, invade territories, and show your dominance!

Endless ways to conquer

Loot and Power Up

Collect and strengthen the armor specialized for each general class and complete your own team combination, which is more powerful than others. 5 kinds of different rarity and star classes with limitless possibilities.

Endless ways to conquer

Territory Management

Grow your territory to acquire advanced arms crafting materials. Invade others for the most sought after loot to power up your generals and gears.

Endless ways to conquer

Start Earning

Collect NFT generals and armor and start earning rewards! Unleash your power in Hero Battles, Territorial Plunder, and Occupational Battle modes.

NFT Public Sale
  • Mystery boxes guarantees 4-star NFT general (highest rank).
  • Mystery boxes can only be purchased with ISK tokens.
  • Build a team of 5 Generals to start playing. (including non-NFT generals). 5 NFT Generals is required to access earn features
  • Get started by signing up for an Iskra account and wallet.

Which 4 Star General will join you?

Mystery Box

Generals & GEARs

Over 240 combinations of generals and weapons to collect and build, all for FREE
Start earning by converting generals and weapons into NFTs using NFT orbs

Access more features with your generals and weapons NFTs

Market Place

NFT items can be traded on the Marketplace, including NFT generals, NFT arms, and NFT orbs.

Play-to-Earn Mode

Only NFT generals can access PvP content that lets you earn rare loot and rewards.

NFT Staking

Get a head start! Stake your NFT generals to earn ? tokens before the game launches.


Mint your general or weapons into an NFT after leveling them up, trade or exchange for fair value. You own your NFT generals and weapons!


Discover how 3 Kingdoms Multiverse can offer players an exciting Web3 gaming experience through its various game modes, NFT utilities, FREE-to-play-to-earn functions, and more.

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